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Simple Truths is able to offer comprehensive website support including design and build; hosting; on-going uploads and changes; seo site audits; email integration and blogging support.

Our Services

We can build you a website from our design templates or model a design that you have seen. 

Upload Service

We can provide a continuous management of your website where we upload any additional content; modify existing content or re-design any work to suit changing circumstances. This takes away any concerns about having someone with the necessary skills.

SEO Site Audits

We have the expertise to provide website audit reports to assist you in ranking your site. This is essential if you want to be appearing in Google’s ranking for things other than your church’s name. This service is automatically included within our management of your website.


Our Hosting package is safe and secure. It is regarded as being 20X Faster Web Hosting. We offer unlimited space and bandwidth and a 99% uptime commitment. 

Contact Integration

Any websites we managed will be fully integrated with social media. You will be able to post content across the majority social media platforms. Furthermore, we will design your website so that it is integrsated for email marketing.

Our Services

Enjoy a Fully managed professional service at unbelievable rates

Our team is at your bidding. We will work to your rquirements. Our Goal is to enable you to present the gospel in the most effective way. We have the skills to enhance your Christian presence online.


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