People often speak of various ages that have transformed the way we live. For Example there was the Agricultural Age where farming and village life was the dominant expression of life. We have also had the Industrial age where manufacturing and factory life became the dominant expression of life. Today, I believe, we are living in the information age where we are producing information like never before and access to news and content is virtually instant. This dawn of the Internet has transformed our lives and has had knock-on effects with technology.

The biggest effect has been in the area of the smartphone and the subsequent apps and channels that this has spawned. Today we can communicate across the world in seconds and we can build communities that do not require proximity. This is an incredible opportunity for the church and is a vital ministry that cannot be ignored.

Every Kingdom breakthrough has come on the heels of a communication breakthrough. When the Roman Roads were built, the Gospel was able to spread to new regions. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, the Bible was able to be distributed far and wide. Now with the dawn of the digital age, we’re able to reach more people with the Gospel than ever before.


The opportunities that social media provides to the church are limited only by someone’s imagination. Today we can gain access to so many individuals and present to them the message of God in Christ. Its is an unprecedented opportunity with statistics showing that people reach for their smartphone an average of eighty times per day. Likewise for many their phones is never less than three feet away. If the church wants to reach people with the Gospel it is not a case of if we embrace Social Media but when – and the sooner the better.

Promoting the Church

Letting the community know that your church is active. Sharing what you believe. Telling what activities you engage in.

Publicising Events

Letting the community know about specific events / activities that might be of interest.

Pastoral Care

Communication across the membership especially those who cannot always attend in person.

Church Planting

Establishing a presence in a new community as a pre-cursor to a church plant. 

Church Growth

Engaging people online with a view to drawing them to physical off-line attendance.


Using hosting services to provide access to training 24/7.


Using Groups to communicate with leadership teams and facilitate meetings and discussion. 

Community Engagement

Using social media to discover community needs and set up groups within the community to address these together.

Above are just a sample of potential uses. We haven’t even considered using social media to increase giving; to establish e-commerce; and to reach out beyond your community to the whole world. I repeat, the potential is incredible.

Simple Truths are able to offer a bespoke service covering all these aspects of Social Media. They are experts in creating an engaging online church presence. If you would like to know more about their services or training then please contact us using the form below.

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