My hope comes from him. 
Psalm 62:5

I often ask myself where is my hope? When we hope that things will change for the better where do we look? What is it that we put our hope in?

For some they hope that things will change over time. Such hope is randomly placed in the ‘cycles of time’. History shows that fortunes swing back and forth over time. But if we hope in ‘time’ that is placing our focus on circumstances that have no real consistency. Furthermore we are hoping in something (time), which decreases for us every day. It is slowly running out.

For some they hope in themselves. They alone know what they want, and need, better than anyone. They will not let themselves down because they have a vested interest in achieving the desired outcome. Hoping in themselves has less pain than being let down by others. Unfortunately human experiences show though, that we do let ourselves down at times. Logic would also confirm that we can only achieve our hope in accordance with the resources we possess within ourselves. We can never be more than we are.

For some they hope in Luck. Our luck will change. It has to change, doesn’t it? The laws of probability highlight that we can look for a change of fortunes at some point. Does this provide certainty? Does this provide genuine hope? Change will happen but will it be as we hoped? Is this hope not completely at the mercy of external circumstances?

The psalmist wrote that his hope was in God. It came from an understanding of both who God is, and what God has done. It is a hope rooted in personal experience and personal understanding. It is a hope of faith, but a faith that has grown through a relationship. It has been tried, tested and proven.

Hope in God is not based upon random cycles. Hope in God is based upon the understanding that God’s resources outweigh our own. We can be more than we are – through our Father in Heaven. Hope in God is not based upon probability but certainty.

If we look to God for the supply of our needs, whether temporal or spiritual blessings, our hope will not be in vain. God does not fails to honour His promises; and when we bring them to His throne, He never sends them back unanswered.

Let us live in hope and may our hope be contagious.

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