Simple Truths – was born out of a conviction that God wanted me to start applying the skills I had learned personally, and in business, in the life of the Church. At long last I am now in a position to do this.

Simple Truths has two areas of focus that it wants to develop.

1. Providing access to teaching; training; resources etc to both individuals and churches in the most cost effective way whilst maintaining extremely high value in content. The company is developing products and services that will hopefully inspire a ‘can do attitude’ within God’s People. The company has a commitment to making professional and quality resources available to all.

2. Providing access to skills and techniques that enable both individuals and churches the opportunity to fulfil their goals and ideas. The company will work as required, provide only what is necessary and at a price that is competitive. Our commitment is to offer tools and skills that best fit your plans. It is through this partnership working that we believe the best results are achieved.

We specialise in the following:

  •  Mobile Business/Individual Apps
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website/Internet consultancy
  • Video Marketing
  • Publishing (Kindle and physical books)
  • Youtube
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Signage and Conference displays

Our support and products  are always tailored to each customer’s needs. Our costs reflect the best value in this sector. Our work is both professional and creative.

Our Goal is to showcase you and your business in the most effective and efficient way.

Simple Truths

24 Dark Lane, Hollywood, Birmingham, B47 5BT


Telephone: 0121 430 8257


Please feel free to connect with us


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